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Plus One (+1) Wholesale Chain Store

Plus One (+1) wholesale aims to bring and introduce modern wholesale store to Iran.

Plus One (+1) Wholesale Chain Store

The marketing industry has been changed ever since it created. In our time, the reason behind this fast-peace, nonstop revolution of industry is about the knowledge and experiences that business owner and governments have acquired. Wholesale marketing and retail store have been also evolved in this flow which let it to provide more successful and quality services.
Wholesale marketing in Iran has and old history with its crucial role in providing citizen’s demand in different areas. However, over years, due to widespread of modern industry and new ways of marketing, it has been facing various complications, which led this important to disappearance from marketing system in our country.

Developed and developing countries, with the aid of complex and well-developed different software and hardware, are typing to increase the cooperation between government, citizens, and business owners to expand branched-wholesale stores, with the goal of producing best quality goods and services, along with lowest possible prices to its ultimate distribution to and end user.

Wholesale stores, that are actually one of the most important agriculture and industry stimulators, are absent in Iran. Lacking retail stores, in production to distribution, is substitute mainly with brokerage and intermediation, with low quality and high prices.

Plus One (+1) wholesale aims to bring and introduce modern wholesale store to Iran, to support the national production, that lead to our ultimate goal which is providing standard, best quality goods and services along with affordable prices.

Plus One (+1) wholesale is a membership warehouse club dedicated to bringing our members our quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.

We provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience of specialty departments and exclusive member services, all designed to make a better shopping experience.

We are confident in the quality and value of our goods and we stand behind the product with our guarantee of satisfaction.

Our start point and main focus is to fulfill customers needs, by analyzing market demand and manage supply according to it, with the best quality and lower price.

To do this we need the support of local, and international producers. Despite all the complications in our path, we are determined to make this positive change happens.

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Plus One (+1) wholesale aims to bring and introduce modern wholesale store to Iran.